Call for Proposals

Innovation Grant proposal deadlines are past. Guidelines and due dates for the 2017-18 year cycle will be announced next spring. Here is a link to the current RFP form for reference.


Mason 4-VA Research Grant Proposal Form

Complementary Request Form Mason faculty involved in proposals with other 4-VA institutions will be eligible to apply for complementary funding of up to $5,000 to support cross-university collaborative work.

Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant proposal guidelines and due dates for the 2016-17 year cycle will be announced later this year. Here is a link to the previous 2015-16 RFP form for reference.

Open Educational Resources – RFP 2016
 Mason 4-VA, in collaboration with the University Libraries and Mason Online, introduces a Request for Proposals regarding Open Educational Resources (OER). This pilot project is focused on innovative course redesign that reconsiders the materials currently used with the intent purpose to integrate digital materials. Courses of particular interest are those that: 1) have high enrollment numbers, 2) are required courses for majors, 3) count in the Mason Core, or 4) carry high textbook costs.