The 4-VA Collaborative

Paving the Education Pathway

Be it easing the transition from Northern Virginia Community College, creating access to online degrees through Old Dominion University, or providing curriculum for cybersecurity careers of the future, 4-VA at Mason is committed to ensuring access to higher education, transformative learning, and degree completion for Virginians.

The collaboration continues with our partners in the 4-VA project, working together to identify shared challenges and opportunities within the state system with regard to general education, specifically in enrollment management, supporting transfer students, and transfer equivalencies.

Recognizing and nurturing programs that pave the way for students to achieve success in their pursuit of higher education is part and parcel of the 4-VA mission, aligning closely with Mason’s strategic plan and that of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Importantly, 4-VA seeks to support traditionally underserved populations including veterans, adult learners, and first generation college attendees.

Another important outreach through 4-VA is with area business, industry, and government leaders to identify potential jobs of the future and plug gaps in skill sets for area workers.

Working together – through our partner schools, our state and local leaders, and area businesses — 4-VA brings life to educational resources for the greater good, wrapped in efficiency and effectiveness.