Assignment Design Template: Presentations

Presentation Assignment Design Template 

Assignment NameProvide a clear, descriptive name for the presentation assignment 
Due: Provide presentation dates, give students an idea of the scale of project 
Rationale and Objectives: Provide students with a clear learning purpose by identifying the specific learning objectives for the assignment. Keep in mind that you will want to align the assignment objectives with the course objectives, making it clear for students, and yourself how and why this assignment promotes learning for this course. 
Prompts for writing the rationale and objectives: The purpose of this assignment is to…In completing this assignment you will.. 
Communicator Purpose: Provide students with a clear communicator purpose, identifying for them what their goal should be as the presenter. 
Prompt: Your task in this assignment is to…
Speech Genre: Outline the required components of the assignment and the genre features and expectations. What are the defining features of the type of oral presentation you are asking students to craft? What is the general structure of this type of presentation? 
Audience: Identify the audience(s) for the speech genre. For example, is the audience intended to be fellow students and the instructor, or, are students asked to imagine a professional context, wherein their fellow students represent industry professionals? 
Necessary Skills: Identify the skills required to complete the assignment. Note that this may prompt you to incorporate informal activity scaffolds to support their success. 
Prompt: In preparation for this assignment, you should…
Criteria for Success: Provide students with the criteria, or standards, by which their work will be evaluated (for example, the rubric you will use to evaluate their work).
Prompt: Your work will be evaluated…
This template has been adapted from: 
Dannels, D.P., Palmerton, P. R., & Housley Gaffney, A. L, (2017). Oral communication in the 
disciplines: A resource for teacher development and training (pp. 65 – 81). Anderson, SC: Parlor Press.