Current Grant Recipients

Through collaborative research, faculty members across the consortium are creating rewarding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in exciting and innovative projects as well as with their colleagues from other 4-VA institutions. From mini-grants to scale up projects, consortium faculty are sharing ideas, increasing cost efficiencies and bringing public attention and excitement to the research arena.  Here’s what’s happening through 4-VA@Mason this year — PI Name, Project Title, and Partner Schools:

  • Chen, Cher Weixia
    Understanding & Supporting the Well-Being of College-Level Social Justice & Human Rights Advocates/Activists in the State of Virginia   
    JMU, CWM
  • Green, Emily H.
    Music of Enslaved Virginians: History, Performance, Place
    UVA, VCU
  • Glaberman, Scott
    Are Toxic Cyanobacteria an Emerging Health Threat in Virginia? 
  • Han, Bo
    Innovating Point Cloud Processing for Networked Systems       
  • Kelly, Mills
    Mapping the University: A Digital Resource for Studying Virginia Campus Histories 
  • Lee, Myeong
    AI for AI: Toward Community-level Human-AI Collaborations in Local Meetups
  • Lim, Haw Chuan
    Development of a novel genotyping panel for powerful and cost-effective evaluations of population structure and kinship in the critically endangered Eastern mountain bongo
  • Luo, Chao
    Metal sulfide-based nanomaterials for high-performance multivalent metal batteries
  • Purohit, Hemant
    Assessing Tobacco Prevention Policies Using a Hybrid Approach of Non-traditional Social Media and Traditional Simulation Modeling 


Mason faculty involved in proposals with other 4-VA institutions are eligible to apply for complementary funding of up to $5,000 to support cross university collaborative work.