Current Grant Recipients

Through collaborative research, faculty members across the consortium are creating rewarding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in exciting and innovative projects as well as with their colleagues from other 4-VA institutions. From mini grants to scale up projects, consortium faculty are sharing ideas, increasing cost efficiencies and bringing public attention and excitement to the research arena.  Here’s what’s happening through 4-VA@Mason this year — PI Name, Project Title, and Partner Schools:

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Communication
Broberg, Shelby — Communication Center Tutor Training Needs Assessment and Open-Access Resource Development (VT, JMU)

Department of Psychology
Doebel, Sabine — How Does Experience Support Working Memory Development in Early Childhood? (UVA)

English Department
Ranade, Nupoor — Ethical Data Analytics: Investigating Data Analytics as a Pedagogical Practice for the Humanities (ODU, JMU, VT)

Global Affairs Program
Son, Byunghwan — Globalization in Reverse: The Diffusion of K-pop in the United States (UVA)

School of Integrative Studies
Van Sant, Levi — Participatory Methods for Land Ownership Research in Rural Virginia (JMU)

College of Education and Human Development

School of Kinesiology
Caswell, Amanda — Athletic Training JEDI Increasing Retention and Academic Performance of Athletic Training Students of Marginalized Students Through a Mentoring Program (JMU, ODU, UVA)

Division of Special Education and disAbility Research
Weiss, Margaret — Co-teaching in Secondary Inclusive Classrooms: A Professional Learning Series (VCU)

College of Science

Department of Biology
Hanley, Daniel — Coordinated outreach across Virginia Universities and behavioral experiments to invent novel technology that reduces avian window collision mortality (WM)

Department of Environmental Science and Policy
Kim, Younsung — Assessing Green Infrastructure Potential Using Multi-Level Ecological and Economic Factors: The Northern Virginia Case (UVA)

Volgenau School of Engineering

Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering
Tian, Kuo — Decision Support Tools for Smart Municipal Solid Waste Collection (VT)

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Wang, Xuan — Data-driven Prediction and Regulation of Firing Rate Dynamics in the Brain (WM)