College Of Humanities and Social Sciences

Psychology Department
Does Social Understanding Support the Development of Executive Function in Early Childhood?
– Sabine Doebel

Higher Education Program
Reimagining the History of Higher Education In The Digital Age
– Kelly Schrum

Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning
Energizing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Production in Virginia through the Development of a Regional Community of Practice for SoTL Faculty Developers
– E Shelley Reid

Volgenau School of Engineering

College of Engineering and Computing Department
A study on the ultrahigh salt adsorption capacity of an energy-efficiency water desalination technology
– Pei Dong

College of Engineering and Computing Department
Modeling of Stakeholder Communication Network in Disaster Response
– Wenying Ji

College of Engineering and Computing Department
Scaled-testing of Projectile Penetration in Conventional and High-Performance Concrete Targets
–  Girum Urgessa

College of Science

Computational & Data Sciences Department
Is AI capable of identifying meaningful patterns in the temporal behavior of solvated macromolecules?
– Olga Gkountouna

Chemistry & Biochemistry Department                                              
Accelerating the Discovery of Novel Polar Thermoelectric Materials with Density Functional Theory Calculations
– Xiaoyan Tan

School of Systems Biology
Computationally designed antimicrobial peptides against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
–  Monique van Hoek