May 17, 2019

Current Grants

Through collaborative research, faculty members across the consortium are creating rewarding opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in exciting and innovative projects as well as with their colleagues from other 4-VA institutions. From mini-grants to scale up projects, consortium faculty are sharing ideas, increasing cost efficiencies and bringing public attention and excitement to the research arena.  Here’s what’s on tap at Mason this year:


  • Communication Across the Curriculum: Creating Faculty Resources for Building Communication Skills in the Discipline
    • Melissa Broeckelman-Post, PhD.
      • Partner Institutions: VT, JMU
  • Developing a Blood Test to Support Treatment of Surgically Induced Type I Diabetes
    • Robin Couch, PhD.
      • Partner Institution: VCU
  • Species richness resilience to habitat fragmentation and restoration in tropical rainforests
    • David Luther, PhD.
      • Partner Institutions: JMU, UVA
  • Toward T Shaped Graduates A Joint Capstone Program at the Nexus of Mechanical Engineering
    • Jeffrey Moran, PhD.
      • Partner Institutions: JMU, UVA
  • Human-Centric Privacy-Preserving Controls for Smart Home Devices
    • Vivian G Motti, PhD.
      • Partner Institutions: JMU, VCU
  • The Implementation and Evaluation of a Student Ambassador Program for a Music & Memory Intervention
    • Catherine J Tompkins, PhD.
      • Partner Institution: JMU
  • Molecular Biology Methods for Understanding Aerobic Granulation in Wastewater Treatment Systems
    • Benoit Van Aken, PhD.
      • Partner Institution: VT 
  • Secreted Proteins of Francisella – a new understanding
    • Monique van Hoek, PhD
      • Partner Institution:  VCU


Mason faculty involved in proposals with other 4-VA institutions are eligible to apply for complementary funding of up to $5,000 to support cross university collaborative work.  Here’s what’s happening for the current year:

Meeting Assessment Professional Development Needs across Virginia: A Virtual Drive-In

  • Stephanie Foster, PhD.
    • Lead Institution:  JMU

Leading Change Conference 2019

  • Stefan Toepler, PhD.
    • Lead Institution:  JMU

Role of HCV Exosome in Liver Fibrosis 

  • Ramin M. Hakami, PhD.
    • Lead Institution:  UVA

Advancing Sustainability Goals through the Virginia Food System Leadership Institute

  • Kerri LaCharite, PhD.
    • Lead Institution:  UVA

Evidence-based instructional practices (EBIPs) and their use in first-year introductory engineering courses

  • Jill Nelson, PhD.
    • Lead Institution:  VT

Development of a Blueprint for the Virginia STEM Ecosystem

  • Jessica Rosenberg, PhD.
    • Lead Institution, VT