Here We Grow Again!

4-VA started the 19-20 academic year off right, welcoming two new partners into the collaborative – the College of William and Mary and Virginia Military Institute.  With these great institutions now in the fold, our 4-VA  goals are given a boost.

“We are delighted to bring William and Mary and VMI into our 4-VA collaborative,” said 4-VA Mason Campus Coordinator Janette Muir.  “The very strength of 4-VA is collaboration.  With our additional partners, our students and faculty have more opportunities — that’s great for higher education in the Commonwealth.”

In their request to join 4-VA, William and Mary President Katherine A. Rowe, noted that William and Mary “will be a useful and productive partner in 4-VA.”  J.H. Binford Peay, III, VMI     Superintendent stated, “VMI can offer distinctive perspectives and opportunities in engineering, natural science, social science, and the humanities that we welcome sharing in a spirit of collaboration with our sister institutions.”

The addition of CWM and VMI brings the number of 4-VA schools to eight.  We look forward to our future collaborations together.