Scaffolding Using Informal Communication Activities

Formal Assignments  (high stakes) Assignment Objectives Scaffolding Ideas – Ways to use Informal, low stakes activities to help students achieve success on formal assignment 
Position presentation on course topic or event

Summarize information Synthesize and analyze arguments


Summarize the argument of a reading (one-minute micro-presentation) 

Debate two opposing views (in class debate) 

Identify strengths and weaknesses in an author’s stance on an issue (paired or small group discussion) 
Formal presentation of a solution to large-scale problem 

Deliberate diverse perspectives and opinions of an issueUse reasoning and evidence to persuade

Problem-solution presentation about weekly topics (micro-presentation) 

In-class debate on components of a larger topic

Evidence poster (in class poster presentation)  
Poster presentation for external audiences 

Succinctly report progressTranslate technical information 

Weekly progress presentations (in-class micro presentations with one visual) 

Gallery walk display of past projects (in-class) 

“Translation Talks” – in class micro-presentations based on translating technical materials to common language 
This template has been adapted from: 
Dannels, D.P., Palmerton, P. R., & Housley Gaffney, A. L, (2017). Oral communication in the 
disciplines: A resource for teacher development and training (p. 72). Anderson, SC: Parlor Press.