PowerPoint and Presentation Aids

Dominic Colenso. (2015, September 9). Powerpoint Do’s & Don’ts for Public Speaking. [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/CXKCrqc0s4k

What Students Need to Know:

PowerPoint slides and other presentation aids can be used to share images, graphs, data, and other visual information that can reinforce and complement the messageā€¦ but too often, PowerPoint is used as a set of speaker notes that end up distracting the audience from the message.  Effective PowerPoint slides should not summarize or repeat the presentation; instead, they should add something new that brings visual interest and emphasizes big ideas– think less text, more images.  Speakers should also consider using objects, models, and demonstrations as presentation aids that will help to make messages more understandable and memorable.

PowerPoint Tips:

  • To avoid the temptation of using your PowerPoint slides as your notes, it is recommended that you follow the 6×6 rule. This means that you have no more than 6 words across your slide, and no more than 6 bullet points.
  • Title your slides to aid in audience understanding
  • Cite any images used
  • For additional tips on how to effectively use PowerPoint, click here.